Sophie Agnel


If it’s in Paris that Sophie Agnel was born in 1964, it is towards other sounding islands in the heart of a reinvented temporality that she dwells today, at the stern of a grand piano, an instrument that she turns into a real living & vibrating organism.

Classically trained, escaped from jazz (drawn away by the too strict treatment of harmony), Sophie Agnel boards the piano from every sonic angle this musical vessel can offer : keys, strings & board are simultaneously apprehended, in a mixed procedure (as we say of painting techniques) that would be understated if it was reduced to the cagian definition of the prepared piano. Considering the instrument – that she extends with several accessories, paper cups, balls or strings – as a poetic supplier of anamorphic textures, the musician takes it to be an equal match to the wider diversity of musical systems, whatever the craft they where conceived in (from physiological to electro-acoustic) …


Watch a piano solo in Anne Montaron’s “à l’improviste” program on France Musique:



Reps : Sophie Agnel-Olivier Benoit, label Cesare ,2014
Météo : Sophie Agnel – John Edwards – Steve Noble, Clean Feed Records, 2013
Spiral Inputs : Sophie Agnel-Bertrand Gauguet-Andrea Neumann. Another Timber 2010
Capsizing Moments : Sophie Agnel.Emanem, 2009
Rip-stop : Sophie Agnel & Olivier Benoît, In Situ, 2003
Rouge Gris Bruit : Sophie Agnel, Lionel Marchetti – Jérôme Noetinger, Potlatch, 2001
Solo : Sophie Agnel, Vandoeuvre, 2000