Riojim & Lionel Palun

In a genuine gesture of instrumentist, Filmbase develops a set of rythm and texture research, visual and sound compositions, which gives enter to a new substance…
Lionel Palun defined is work as electro-video. In Filmbase he does not use prepared image, he refilm ligth sent by Riojim. From the software he has developed, he worked in direct image by filtering feedback, delay and movements.
Riojim feeds the equation with his 16 mm films projections. Images are shot and processed at Atelier MTK, a cinema.



Riojim 16 mm projector
Lionel Palun video-invidere ware


  • Jessie Scott - 29 september 2010

    Review: The Fringe Festival: Superstream

    It would be hard to deny that film is generally a collaborative medium, or, not just one medium in fact but many – a multiplicity of practices brought to bear on a storyline, theme or idea. Practitioners of experimental video conversely tend to be (out of necessity) lone practitioners – acting as director, cinematographer, editor and sometimes key performer and sound designers in their own works. It was fascinating, therefore, to see members of the Superflux collective (of Grenoble, France) team up with local AV outfit Stream Collective on “Superstream”; a site-specific, multi-projection, collaborative and improv-based screening night as part of this year’s Fringe festival recombining individual film/video practices into a new whole.

    Created over 5 intense days of experimentation, negotiation, conversation and play and staged in the Mechanics Institute theatre in Brunswick, the result was ambitious, engaging and exciting. The performance consisted of Superflux artists Etienne Caire and Gaëlle Rouard operating 16mm film projectors from either side of the room; Lionel Palun creating live video feedback; Richard Bokhobza on bass guitar and noise toys; and Stream Collective’s Marcia Jane performing live video projection with Marco Cher Gibard and Rosalind Hall creating sounds on laptop and saxophone. The threat of sensory overload loomed large, as you might imagine. The result was, in fact, a sophisticated conversation between mediums and an effective riffing on the cinema experience.

    The artists were set up on tables at the back of the room, with most of the audience seated on cushions on the floor (to avoid interrupting the line of the projections). The image began small, and would gradually build up and dissapate again, over a very large screen. A few people were craning their necks to see who was projecting what, and how they were divvying up screen space between them, but I was happy to let it remain a mystery, and see how successful or unsuccessful it was as a cohesive whole. Mostly it was the former, but even in moments when the image started getting too complicated, or muddied by too much projector light, the artists would seize on this and develop it to their advantage- opening the gate on the projector to flood the screen with light and then physically interrupt the stream with a hand, for one example.

    The noise of the hand cranking of the projectors became a part of the total sound track, reflecting the conversation that emerged between digital and analog, and live and pre-recorded modes of audio-visual performance. The physical presence of the sounds was notable. It didn’t feel like it was coming from some overarching, anonymous system, but occupied a real space in the room.

    Imagery was diverse, ranging from scraps of film footage (European and Eastern), processed video and prepared abstractions. Many times the video projection would reflect and re-cast the film projection- distorting, doubling, resizing it. There was an uncanny urgency and tension of some of the interplay between sound and image, the building rhythm, and the exploration of shot & reverse-shot in some of the film footage. Marcia Jane’s beautiful abstract lines in striking white, blue and red, alternately framed or cut through the more representational collages that emerged.

    Superflux showed great innovation in their use of multiple, performed projection combined with an absolute focus on improvisation – a practice they have explored over many years – and it is fantastic that local artists have had the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from them. I for one came away inspired and buzzing with ideas about “image dialogues”, “live montage” and analog/digital “conversations”, and it will be particularly interesting to see how this gig affects future Stream works.

  • Cerise Howard - 2010 september 26

    Superstream, or: Many projectors make light work

    Superflux, a long-established live cinema quartet hailing from Grenoble, France, and presently touring Australia and New Zealand, hooked up last night with Melbourne AV collective Stream for a night of improvised, albeit to some indeterminable extent, rehearsed, “live cinema”. Kitted out between them with two prepared 16mm projectors; two digital projectors running video feedback and processing; prepared saxophone; bass guitar, and “noise toys”, Superstream let rip with a seriously cacophonous, multi-pronged flickerfest free-for-all of the likes not often seen around staid little Melbourne town.

    It seems fitting that this occurred in Brunswick’s venerable Mechanics Institute. I’m sure the night’s events weren’t quite amongst the goings-on its 1868 founders had anticipated would grace its premises but I can’t help but feel they’d have appreciated the hands-on, bespoke approach to the AV mayhem that filled the Institute’s performance space.

    Cast upon, and across, a large grainy white canvas, multiple projections, thrown this way and then that, rectilinear as a rule but circular and elliptical as well, subdivided the canvas into frames (within frames, within frames), jockeying for position on a busy, collision-filled screen, ever toying with the chance/risk of generating some sort of transitory meaning or narrativity, never less so than when the projections thrown were less of an abstract nature and contained recognisable imagery, whether for split-seconds or for sustained periods.

    When I say “recognisable”, I mean by dint of containing shapes that conform at least roughly to forms assumed by human beings, animals, objects and environments (why, I’m sure at one stage I was seeing, even though its source footage was heavily solarised, a man in military garb grappling with a sealion. I do, however, concede that I might have been mistaken!) They might also have been recognisable by virtue of, on occasion, clearly originating from a familiar source. Amongst all the furious flickering, and the interference/complementarity of rapid-fire barrages of superimposed imagery and visual noise, I’m sure I recognised images/sequences from The French Connection and Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages, along with generic Western footage and many other things besides!

    Aside from all of the in-the-moment image manipulations generated in the act of projection (as was also a large part of the spasmodically, illusorily rhythmic but mostly chaotic soundscape, via the manipulation of optical soundtracks), there was a great deal of play with emulsive chemical processes, not in-camera (presumably… surely that would be very dangerous!) but rather, prepared earlier, leading to some extremely eerie visuals, as faces, bodies and environments just melted away and decayed in a fashion no CGI will ever, ever better. (Be sure to see, sometime, Bill Morrison’s stunning and exemplary Decasia!) These images, often digested subliminally, in concert and/or in antagonism with the greater bombardment of audiovisual (non-)information, are the ones from the evening I took home to bed with me…

    Another pleasure: those moments when the whirr of 16mm projectors occasioned to be heard above the noise, or heard amidst it, providing the loud, but not quite too loud, noisescape with some faltering, underpinning rhythms, as well as conveying a strong sense of those projectors’, and their projected materials’, very materiality, the latter reinforced by moments when the film was evidently being spooled through a little skew-wif, as when sprocket holes started creeping their merry way across the screen.

    And, for a little corporeality to add to all of this wonderful, frantic fusing of analog and digital projected materials: some playful, polymorphous shadow-puppetry penetrated the frame late in the piece from stage-right.

    Extraneous to the performance per se, but expanding upon it in a pleasing historiographical sense, it was a pleasure to see eminent, old guard members of Melbourne’s film avant-garde in attendance: here a Cantrill or three, there a Dirk de Bruyn. (Note to one and all: be sure to get along to “Grain of the Voice: 50 Years of Sound and Image by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill” at ACMI between October 10 and 31, curated by my former Senses of Cinema colleague and current day Age critic, the estimable Jake Wilson.)

    Enjoying some after-show drinks with a good friend and various of the folks to have earlier provided such splendid (and free!) entertainment, down the road at the Brunswick Green on a busy AFL Grand Final Day night, I concluded I’d had myself a lovely evening, and that I’ve successfully stoked in myself quite the interest in attending more expanded, performative cinema events. I’ve been remiss in seeing all too few in times gone by, even despite – or perhaps because of – having been a party to amateurish perpetrations of such a couple of times in the past myself.


  • Étienne Caire alias Riojim

    Riojim runs the Atelier MTK in Grenoble, France where he teaches DIY film processing, contact and optical printing and editing.

    He is particularly attracted to abstract animation, the pleasure of physically modifying images on the film via twisted and other chemical treatments frowned on by professional labs.  He pushes the possibilities of the emulsion to the edge.

    The material produced in the laboratory becomes a work of improvisation integrating all the parameters of projection.  By means of prepared projectors, he applies severe treatment to the projector and plays with the film and the homemade optical sound on film to create a real visual music.



    Riojim on Vimeo

  • Lionel Palun

    Video artist
    Born in 1972 in Marseille, France.

    Lionel pursued a university education as a physician, qualifying as an engineer at the ENSPG (physics) and obtaining a phd from the UJF (in nano electronics). He worked for 2 years as a teacher and researcher in Grenoble at the LPSC (electronics). Following an encounter with contemporary dance, in particular with the work of the Pascoli company, he branched out into a singular research on the relationship between images and the stage, aiming to make this media an actor in its own right in the performing arts, on a par with dance, texts, sound and lighting.
    Lionel Palun is a co-founder of the Association 720 Digital, a member of Collégiale du 102, a member of the editorial committee of the quarterly magazine Revue & Corrigée and was on the board of directors of CitéDanse for 5 years.
    Since September 2017, Lionel Palun has been an associate artist at the Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts-Sciences de Meylan as part of a three-year residency funded by the Conseil Départemental de l’Isère.

    Duo and Improvisation:
    The core of his present research is a series of duos (generally improvised) that explore possible relationships between images and the other performing arts (Image/Dance, Image/Theatre, Image/Music, Image/Lighting, Video/Film…). The lightness of the duo makes it possible to combine the demands of a refined research with regular encounters with the public. These studies have enabled him to work with artists as diverse as Jérôme Noetinger, Will Guthrie, Riojim, Christophe Cardoen, Delphine Dolce and Dominique Lentin. That is where the alchemy that sustains his work developed.
    Art installations:
    Lionel Palun is regularly invited to present video and sound installations: Condition Publique in Roubaix, Nuit Blanche in Metz, Collectif Brouhaha…
    Video performance: Video performance is a tool for research and creative residencies in situ. It can either be a motor for starting the writing process or proposed as a singular form.
    Video creations:
    for dance and theatre pieces or concerts in collaboration with film directors, choreographers, musicians and collectives (Camel Zekri, Yann Lheureux, Frédéric Tentelier, Broadway, Pascal Mengelle, Cédric Marchal, Anne-Marie Pascoli,…) These video creations (written scores or improvisations) are an opportunity for artists to compare the written compositions of other artists.
    Sound creation: By physically diverting a video signal, he develops original digital tools in order to project the video signal into the speakers …
    Workshops and educational presentations:
    He regularly leads workshops for different audiences: Fine arts students, primary schools (Lumix project with Association Muzzix) and community centres. He also ran a course of mise en scene and an introduction to light images for Kaléidoscope, a project for the Opera de Lyon.
    Software design:
    Besides mastering the professional tools of digital imagery and multimedia, his university education and work led him to developing his own software programme, In Videre for creating and diffusing images. This programme is both a tool for video production and an original instrument for improvisation and video performances.

    Shows and Performances:

    Double Jeu, Sophie Agnel, Lionel Palun, duo piano&vidéo tout public, 2018-…
    Cartographie des oublis, La Barque Théâtre, Frédéric Tentelier,théâtre musical, 2016-…
    Now ∞, Sophie Agnel, Lionel Palun, duo piano&vidéo, 2015-…
    Fast Radio Burst, Patrick Guionnet, Quentin Conrate, Lionel Palun, concert pour postes de radios, 2015-…
    The pipes, the pipes, Donal Dineen, Lionel Palun, Guillermo Carrion, Padraig McGovern, Leonard Barry, Maitiu O Casaide, vidéo, peinture et trio de cornemuses , 2015-…
    La Lobaye, Camel Zekri, Lionel Palun, Prosper Kota, Jean-Pierre Mongoa, Orchy Nzaba, une rencontre avec des pygmées centrafricains, 2014-…
    Zzurfreiheit, Julien Bibard, Jean-Philippe Saulou, Lionel Palun, performance cinéma 16 mm, musique & vidéo, 2014…
    Performance Will Guthrie & Lionel Palun, Festival Pépète Lumière, 2014
    Kezn, Barbara Dang, Lionel Palun, Gordon Pym, interprétation de standards de la musique expérimentale, 2014-…
    ViziX, rencontres entre Lionel Palun et plusieurs artistes du Collectif Muzzix, 2013-…
    Performance Lionel Palun, Guillermo Carrion, Donal Dineen, The Art of Music, 2013
    Ryu, Gilles Laval, Yoko Higashi, Lionel Palun & Marc Siffert, installation jouée d’images et de musique hydrophonique, 2012-…
    Performance Etienne Jaumet, Lionel Palun & The 202s, French Cork Film Festival, 2011
    Performance Solar Bears, Lionel Palun & Guillermo Carrion, French Cork Film Festival, 2011
    Embrasure, Cie Zyriab and Co, musique, poésie & image, 2011
    Superflux, Filmbase, Lafoxe, Metalking, 3 trios autour du cinéma, 2010
    Mire, Alice Predour, Djamila Daddi-Addoun & Lionel Palun, orchestre de tables de mixage vidéo, 2010-…
    Du fond de l’abri, trio Xavier Quérel, Jérôme Noetinger & Lionel Palun, musique électroaccoustique, cinéma & vidéo, 2010
    Palundrome, solo de Lionel Palun, image & son, 2009-…
    Rencontre avec le Quatuor Nun, image et voix, 2009
    Minuit Pile, Cie Comme CaMuriel Piqué, pièce chorégraphique, 2009
    Maki, Culture Ailleurs, spectacle ombre, danse, musique improvisée et traditionnelle, 2009-2010
    Manifestement, Cie Yann Lheureux, pièce chorégraphique, 2009-2012
    Gang plank, Broadway & Quatuor Pli, musique pop & expérimentale, 2008
    AOA, Cie Comme CaMuriel Piqué, pièce chorégraphique, 2008
    Supercolor Palunar, duo Jérôme Noetinger & Lionel Palun, musique électroaccoustique & télévisions, 2008-…
    Filmbase, duo Riojim & Lionel Palun, cinéma 16 mm & vidéo, 2008-…
    No one’s land, Cie Yann Lheureux, pièce chorégraphique, 2008-2009
    Lumière obscure, Culture Ailleurs, spectacle ombre, danse, musique improvisée et traditionnelle, 2008
    Materia Prima, La SailliePascal Mengelle, pièce de théâtre, 2008
    RDV sur le palier, Priviet ThéâtreCedric MarchalTristan Dubois, pièce de théâtre, 2007
    Situations régulières, duo Dominique Lentin & Lionel Palun, musique & vidéo, 2007-2008
    Femmes pré-occupées, duo Christophe Serpinet & Lionel Palun, musique & vidéo, 2006
    Oeil de Bitume Chapitres, Théâtre du chuchotementMinou Wosniak, 2005
    Projet D.I., duo Delphine Dolce & Lionel Palun, danse & vidéo, 2004-…
    L’insatiable K, Cie La SailliePascal Mengelle, pièce de théâtre, 2004-2007
    Le roi se meurt et la basse court, Cie Pascoli, pièce chorégraphique, 2004-2008
    Petites résidences dans les lieux du patrimoine, Cie Pascoli, chorégraphie in-situ, 2004-2007
    La terre à boire, Cie du Jour & Cédric Marchal, pièce de théâtre, 2003
    Et Après ?!, Cie Pascoli, pièce chorégraphique, 2002

    Installations :

    Fresque, Artiste associé au projet EU-Japon Festival, 2015-2018
    Réception-Expédition, Carte Blanche du Non Lieu à La Condition Publique de Roubaix, 2014
    Brume3, Installation en collaboration avec Les yeux d’Argos à L’hybride, Lille, 2014
    Pentaptyque Cannibale, Nuit Blanche de Metz, 2013
    Reflets, Experimenta / Héxagone Scène Nationale de Meylan, Grenoble, 2013
    Maquette vidéo d’un quartier utopique, Centre Social La Rivière, St Etienne, 2012
    Supercolor Palunar, installation pour Electrochoc, Les Abattoirs, Bourgoin-Jallieu, 2011
    Projet D.I., installation pour le festival ONPLMV, Villars Reculas, 2010
    Télévision ultra-locale pour Brou Ha Ha 3, installations à la galerie des Terreaux, Lyon, 2005
    Brou Ha Ha 2, installation collective à l’Usine, St Etienne, 2004
    Brou Ha Ha 1, installation collective à la fabrique, Andrézieux-Bouthéon, 2004

    Ateliers :

    Workshop vidéo et son avec les étudiants des Beaux-Arts de Chalon-sur-Saône, 2014
    Lumix coanimé avec des musiciens du Collectif Muzzix, Lille, 2013-…
    Workshop vidéo et musique coanimé avec Jérôme Noetinger, Espace Culture de l’Université Lille 1, 2012
    Studio Vaduz, workshop avec des étudiants plasticiens et comédiens, Beaux-Arts de Grenoble & Conservatoire de Grenoble, 2011
    Superstream, workshop avec le Stream Collective, Mechanics Institute in Brunswick, Melbourne, 2011
    Ecole du spectateur, immersion d’élèves d’écoles primaires dans le dispositif de Projet D.I., Espace 600, 2010
    Ateliers vidéo pour la Cie Mangeurs d’étoiles, Villars de Lans, 2010
    Hybridation, atelier de Projet D.I. avec des adultes handicapés, CAV, APF, AFIPAEIM, 2009-2010
    Animation d’un workshop vidéo, le 102, 2009
    Melissa, mise en scène pour l’Opéra de Lyon dans le cadre du projet Kaléïdoscope, 2008
    Joëlle Colombani & adolescents des centres sociaux La Rivière et Valbenoîte, St Etienne, ateliers théâtre et représentations, 2007-2008
    Silence on tourne, comedie musicale créee avec Théâtre de la Renaissance et les classes de la ville d’Oullins, 2007
    Animation d’atelier pour Les mauvaises herbes, 2007
    Télévision ultra-locale, atelier et installation vidéo avec la Commune de Vif et Minou Wosniak, 2007